The location scenes for the Co-op in First of the Summer Wine were shot at the Post Office in the village of Netherthong.  Mike Meitiner who runs the History of Netherthong website has kindly agreed to share the information and photographs below.

Netherthong  featured several times in episodes of The Last of the Summer Wine but the most well known instance occurred in the fore- runner series called the First of the Summer Wine. The filming took place in the grocers shop / post office in Giles Street which had been converted  into  a Co-op as  filming at the real Co-op in Towngate would have caused serious traffic problems. To maximize the authenticity they needed to cobble the road in front of the shop and the cobbles, which were made of rubber and  had been cast from real cobbles , were unrolled on the street for the shooting. They were dressed with dirt and horse manure but when the actors walked on them they squeaked ( the cobbles not the actors ) and the sound of footsteps had to be added later. All went well but they neglected to inform the milkman who turned up with his cart to make deliveries and couldn’t believe his eyes. I was lent 4 super photographs of this particular episode and have included them below. What I hadn’t realised was that they had also set up a ” rubber brick wall ” with water trough to cover – up the building to the left of the large arch. – see last photograph.


Actors passing by shop


Showing rubber wall, water trough and rubber cobbles.


Shop front modified for the filming.


Crew setting up rubber wall.

Many thanks to Mike Meitiner and Adam Halstead for their support and assistance.


3 thoughts on “Location – Netherthong

  1. Eirug Griffiths says:

    I still love watching First of The Summer Wine on my DVD box set,especially like the trams which were used by the actors. Was that part filmed at the tramway museum in Crich,as the trams used was a Sheffield street tram,and a Leeds tram. That was the way to travel back then.


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