Linda Beckett has kindly shared her memories of appearing in First of the Summer Wine as Mrs Dewhirst, Foggy’s mother:

I had worked with Mike Stephens, the director, on various other projects and was delighted to obtain the role of Foggy’s mum as I thought she was potentially a very funny character, besotted with Foggy and overly caring. Richard Lumsden was a joy to work with and I was glad to see he went on to star in various other television series.

I seem to remember filming on beautiful sunny days in fantastic countryside. We all received a very friendly Yorkshire welcome when off set and all the cast and crew were great fun to be with.

I do recall being a little daunted about riding an old fashioned bike for one scene and had to practice up and down hill before the take, to ensure I did not wobble off! In the end only a short section was shown on film of my stopping the bike and getting off so I did not shame myself too much I hope!

I think it is fair to say that we, the cast, were sad to see the series axed and I felt there was much more mileage which could have been gained from the series. It was an interesting idea to portray the characters from Last of the Summer Wine as young men as it enabled the audience to understand better how and why they became the quite extraordinary and unique characters in later life. I felt the writing was very funny, in places eccentric (in a good way) and typical of the Yorkshire spirit.

Many thanks to Linda for providing this contribution and photograph.



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