Peter Sallis laid to rest near Holmfirth

It has been confirmed that Peter Sallis has been laid to rest alongside his Last of the Summer Wine co-star Bill Owen at St John’s Church, Upperthong, near Holmfirth, which was always his wish.

The burial took place following a small, quiet, private service in the church on Wednesday 21 June 2017.

Fans of the show will be touched that the two actors, who played Compo and Clegg together for three decades, are at rest together in the hills of Summer Wine Land.

Bill Owen & Peter Sallis

“Eternal Wine”


8 thoughts on “Peter Sallis laid to rest near Holmfirth

  1. Bishop Patrick Tierney DD. KCSF. OSB. says:

    May you rest in peace and rise in glory through Jesus Christ. Amen ” Goodbye Cleggy, say hello to Compo from me” Thanks for all the fun for 31 years


  2. Derek Walker says:

    Goodbye Cleggy say hello to Compo for me and thanks for all the laughter you have given me. It was so nice to meet you when you were filming.


  3. Craig says:

    I’m only 33 but have fond memories of Watching Last Of The Summer Wine every week in the early 90’s. It grew to be one my favourite tv shows and always puts a smile on my face. I have managed to watch most episodes over the years thanks to repeats. It’s so lovely to know they are resting next to each other.


  4. Simon Mitchell says:

    best tv ever rest in peace peter and bill i will be staying in nora house in june will visit and put flowers on your graves thanks for so many years of great tv chaps god bless


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